Your home based business is growing…now what?

There is something to be said about working for yourself, being your own “Boss”. No more early morning commutes on a stuffy train, or sitting in gridlock during rush hour to and from the office. Starting up your own business gives you a sense of freedom, it gives you the ability to unleash that inner creative being that lived deep inside you. We all have BIG IDEAS, but we all don’t know how to implement them and make them a reality.  Enter today’s entreprenuer.

So you set up an office in your basement, spare room or at your kitchen table. You are considered lucky because you have the luxury of showing up for work in your slippers, take coffee breaks whenever you please, and you have the ablity to knock off laundry that has been piling up all week while you work. In the effort to be successful your business becomes your life: you will eat, sleep and breath it. You are on the clock 24/7. You have learned to successfully tune out all those distractions around you, you have built your brand, created a business network and upped your social media game to get exposure, and now you are as they say “killing it.”

The next big decision you have to make for your business is at what point is the kitchen table or spare bedroom not enough? You have worked countless hours to make your dreams come true all under your own roof, your business is growing, your client base is growing and so is your workload. Your business, as well as your sanity, would benefit from bringing in some help. Do you want to have employees working out of your house with you? Your business may benefit from having a storefront to get foot traffic and get your brand seen out in the local community. Perhaps it is time to come out of the house and let yourself, and your brand be seen!

How do you know you are ready to make this leap?

You need to hire employees?  If you are working in a business that is unable to hire someone to work remotely, then it may be time to get out of the house. Bringing an employee to work inside your home is not ideal for many reasons. For example, if you have small children or other family members around, or if you have a strong desire to keep your personal life personal. Imagine you are taking a day off or away from the office, yet your employee still has to come to your home. If your business has grown to a point that you need to hire employee(s) it may be time to move your business outside of the home.

You need to boost productivity. If you are easily distracted by activities going on in your home, or by the things that need to be done around the house like laundry, prep dinner, cleaning, etc. try moving to an area of your home where you will be less distracted. Try setting regular work hours and dress like you are going to work. If these things don’t get the creative juices flowing and increase productivity, then moving your business out of the house may be your only solution.

You can make more money. If you are operating a business that people make buying decisions based on phyisically seeing products, then having a store front will generate more foot traffic thus more sales. If the estimated sales is more than the cost of the overhead, then moving your business outside the home is a good idea.

You’ve outgrown the space. Your business is growing, you are producing more inventory or you require larger equipment to keep up with the work. If it’s just storage that you require, you can get away with renting a storage unit, but if you require larger printers or machines, appliances etc. then you should be thinking about moving out of the house. At some point, you will want your houseto go back to being a home.

Working from home has its advantages, but at some point when your business takes off, you will need to consider if moving out of the home would be beneficial for the future growth of your business. Just like you took that leap of faith and decided to pursue your dream of operating a small business, you need to figure out when and if the time is right for another leap of faith.

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