The Art of Playlists


Our lives have always had soundtracks. Who can forget the movie High Fidelity? Well times have changed and mixtape on cassettes are a thing of the past. Today we have apps like Spotify and iTunes where one can simply create a playlist.

This past weekend, I was at my BFF’s 40th birthday celebration. Her husband ever since I have known him in high-school has always been that “music guy”. His love and passion for music lead him to explore the underground world as a DJ during our twenties.  He may not be spinning the vinyl anymore, but he definitely has found an art for creating playlists that resonate with his audience young and old for any occasion.

Who would have thought that creating a playlist is like painting a picture? It has become an art form. Spotify has curators whose job it is to make playlists for the listeners. The trick to creating a playlist is creating the perfect blend of songs that complement each other. Just like you wouldn’t serve rice with spaghetti, you wouldn’t put songs on the same playlist that just don’t belong together.

The Art of Creating a Playlist

Step One: Choose a Theme

Keep slower songs with nostalgia together for those days when you feeling like curling up in a ball and crying. Create playlists for every type of mood or routine. Long car rides, housework, BBQ, Morning mix, etc… be creative the sky is the limit.

Step Two: Select the Songs

Who is the playlist for? Is it going to be a private list? In that case go nuts. Are you making it for someone else? This can be a thoughtful gift as a lot of thought goes into it. Make sure you select songs with your audience in mind. Make sure to mix it up! Choose songs that you haven’t heard in a while, songs you are currently obsessing over and perhaps songs you were just introduced too. The songs you select should reflect the theme you selected above.

Step Three: Establish an Order

Playlists should start with a tune that will really capture your mood and pull you into the music. That first song needs to be fantastic! Around three-fourths through the playlist is where your climax should be. This is the song that brings tears to your eyes, the song that makes you break out and dance in spasmodic movements, this is the song that makes the playlist. It should be followed up with 2 or 3 recovery songs. This will help you take a breather from what emotion you just experienced. Then comes the finale. This is the song that should satisfy your musical appetite. There is no specific number of songs to have on your playlist. Just remember that you are taking your audience on a journey. You get to decided where you take them. Just remember don’t play back to back songs from the same artist.

Now go ahead and make a playlist for someone. Your best friend, your husband or wife, your children, for you. Just go have fun with it.

When you are done, I’d love for you to share it. I’d love for you to take me on your journey. Send me the link

Check out this playlist from the 40th party.  Enjoy!

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