As a kid, there were few things that could top waking up to a snow day. No school, no homework, dressing up from head to toe and embarking on the great outdoors as we spent the day building snowmen and forts and having snowball fights.

How the times have changed. If you are lucky enough to actually get to stay home because you are a bus student, your snow day is most likely squandered by half hearted snowmen, mindless TV and a hot-cocoa coma by noon. Sound familiar?

Well it's time to put an end to your bordem. Whether your kids need a more memorable day off or you just want some ideas for yourself for the days when you don't want to battle the nasty weather, here are a few things you can do on your next "snow day".

  1. Get Cooking - you've got all day, so why not put your kitchen to good use? Kids love mixing and measuring and better yet they love eating sweet treats.
  2. Put on a Show - Rather than letting your kids watch T.V for 6 hours and turn into zombies put on a puppet show or even better have a karaoke concert or dance party.
  3. Visit a Park - If you are brave enough to go up against the elements then make the most of the winter wonderland. Do something the kids don't normally do. Go snowshoeing, play snow golf or cross-country skiing. Open up their minds to new activities.

If the kids are just going to sit around the house and be lazy, you are better to take them to school since schools usually remain open. However, this is a great opportunity for parents and kids to reconnect in a time where social media and electronics is destroying relationships. Put on your snow pants and enjoy being a kids for the day. Your kids will love it!

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