Kijiji Etiquette 101

The saying that one man’s junk is another man’s treasure is not literal, rather it’s a commentary meaning that what one person no longer has use for, may be cherished by another. Enter Kijiji, just one of the many online platforms that enables people to connect locally to exchange goods or services. A quick search on Kijiji can have you buying anything from a used dog crate, to finding a seamstress for hire, to buying a brand new winter jacket. I have personally used it many times to sell items that I no longer have use for in my life/home. It’s a good feeling when I see my old wares being picked up and taken away, while my wallet gets a nice little cash infusion!

To all of the people that I’ve sold to in the past I would like to say thank you for your sale! Lately though, I don’t know what has changed, but I have been seeing a bad “trend” with many of the buyers that I have come into contact with. I sell on Kijiji because I don’t have the desire or the time to have a garage sale or the time to constantly bump my items on Facebook Bidding Wars sites. I like selling on Kijiji because I would like to get a few bucks for my unwanted items, instead of just giving stuff away to my local thrift shop. Lately I have been “stood up” several times and I am getting ticked with the lack of respect these delinquent Buyers have had for my time. Because I feel the need to be heard, I decided to blog some simple “Kijiji Etiquette Rules” that all Kijiji Buyers should abide by (and really these rules easily pertain to all online reseller platforms). Even though these rules should really just be common sense, if I can change one person’s mindset about how they behave as a Kijiji Buyer then my work here is done!


#1 – It’s okay for Buyers to offer a reduced purchase price, but offering to pay anything less than 80% of the asking price is a waste of everyone’s time! I say, don’t bother inquiring to a Seller if you’re not willing to pay between 80% to 100% of a Seller’s asking price.

#2 – If you do contact a Seller to inquire about an item, and then once you’ve gotten a Seller’s reply you decide against wanting to purchase said item, you should let the Seller know you are no longer interested. In this day and age of doing everything from your phone, sending the Seller word that you are no longer interested takes about a minute. By doing this the Seller doesn’t sit there and wonder for the next day or two if there is still a potential Buyer waiting in the wings…

#3 – Once a pick up time and date has been set with a Seller, Buyers need to remember to actually pick up their new treasures on that date at the agreed upon time! Far too often lately Buyers are forgetting to pick up their purchases from me, and honestly it’s beyond annoying! If I can remember to make myself available for the goods exchange and don’t schedule anything during the pick-up time, and make sure I wait at home, then why can’t the Buyer respect my time and show up. When Buyers don’t show its brutal!

#4 – Buyers need to ensure that they carefully inspect whatever they are purchasing before leaving the Seller’s presence. Only pay for the item after inspection has occurred, and you are satisfied. It’s okay to not want something after you see it in person. Once the Seller has been paid the deal is final, there are no refunds given regardless of what happens after you get home.

#5 – Buyers need to always show up with the correct agreed upon amount of cash for Sellers. It is a pain in the butt when a Buyer needs change but the Seller doesn’t have any to give. Seller’s should not be expected to discount an item just so the Buyer can give a lessor amount to give “correct” cash.

#6 – Buyers, if you are purchasing a large item (ie. an appliance) be sure to bring proper help with you to assist you in getting the item loaded in your car. Buyers can’t expect the Seller to have help lined up for them when they come.

If you’re a Buyer and can follow these simple “rules” then your Kijiji transaction will go so much smoother and all parties will be smiling once the sale transaction has been completed.

Thanks for reading my rant and happy local online treasure hunting!



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