Dear Parents,

Let’s make a promise to one another, that if we see each other’s kids doing amazing things like being kind, helpful, or respectful to others, we share this with each other.

After an emotionally draining weekend, I received the following message…

You can only imagine how it made me light up. So many times as parents, we feel like we are doing something wrong. The constant “nagging” to get them to pick up after themselves, the talking back, the fighting and arguing… It is enough to make anyone question their ability to parent! Instead of constantly looking for what kids are doing wrong, we need to celebrate all the small things they do right! This message made me stop in my tracks and give my son a big squeeze. I had to share it with him right away, and show him that his actions don’t go unnoticed. I was excited to tell him that I was so very proud of him.

After getting this amazing text I made a promise to myself that if I notice a friend’s child doing something amazing, that I too would let them know. It really is an amazing feeling of accomplishment and pride when you hear your hard work is paying off! They may just turn out ok after all.


Take a look at this checklist (taken from and if you can tick off 5 from the checklist you are doing a damn good job as a parent.

1. Love and affection: Time spent one on one, exhibiting physical affection.
Do you love your kids? Great. You’ve got the first one.

2. Stress management: Parental ability to manage their stress.
Do you exercise, escape the house, hide in the pantry or drink wine to help cope with today’s stress? Good. You’re doing it right. And, if not, then take a bath or have a glass of wine. The experts tell us it’s okay.

3. Relationship skills: Parent’s ability to maintain healthy relationships inside and outside the home.
If you have friends, if you have family, and if you have a support system you can trust then you can check this one off.

4. Autonomy and independence: Treating your child with respect and encouraging independence.
Are you encouraging your children to pick up their own toys, to take their own water bottles out of the fridge, to walk the two steps to get the television remote? Do you pretend not to hear them when they repeatedly scream from the bathroom, “Mom come and wipe my bum,” until they give up and do it themselves? Perfect. Keep it up.

5. Education and learning: Providing opportunity for your child in education.
Did the kids go to school today. Check another one off your awesome parenting list!

6. Life skills: Having a steady income and stable home.
Do you and/or your partner work? Do the kids have a roof over their heads? Nailing it.

7. Behaviour management: Discipline techniques, both positive and negative.
Did you yell at your kids today? That’s another check mark for you. Well done, Mom/Dad.

8. Health: Access to healthy foods and exercise.
Did you attempt to feed your children three dinners tonight? Did they agree to eat none of them? Did you succumb to butter on toast or Shreddies followed by a few laps around the house, chasing the kids to get in the bath? You’re doing it right.

9. Religion: Supporting “spiritual or religious” development.
Did you swear to God that if your kids didn’t behave you were going to take a toy away? That’s another tick for you.

10. Safety: Keeping your child safe from harm.
Did you keep the kids alive today? Perfect. You’re doing it right!!!


See, even if you don’t breastfeed them, or if you work 40 hours a week it’s okay. As long as you love them, educate them, discipline them, feed them and keep them safe, you’re doing a great job!

Keep up the good work and remember to praise the other parents in your life that are nailing parenthood, so they too know they are doing a good job.






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