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I have discovered a very exciting new service Ontarians! Recently I was sick and was unable to get in to see my family doctor for an appointment. The thought of sitting “forever” at a walk-in clinic was making my head spin. I knew I needed a throat swab, as I feared that I had Strep Throat, so having Durham Doctor Housecall Service send a doctor to my house not an option. I know from experience that those doctors don’t do throat swabs that get sent to a lab for testing. So I took to the internet as I knew there had to be some kind of alternative. Well lo and behold I came across this awesome website: Skip The Waiting Room . This is a fairly new service here, that is all about saving sick patients time, time that is typically wasted waiting in clinic waiting rooms! Too many times I’ve waited for hours inside of a walk-in clinic waiting room to see the doctor on call.

Their goals (as listed on the website) are as follows:

We want the public to access walk-in clinics in a convenient manner when they feel they need to.
We integrate with walk-in clinic providers, help them run their clinics and bring their information online.
Allow clients to book appointments online, and stay at home with their family or at work until it is time to leave.
You don't show up until the majority of the people in front of you have already been seen. We want to save you your precious time!

On the home page follow the booking instructions (took me about 2 minutes to get myself booked in, once I chose the clinic that I wanted to travel to) and voila you sit back and wait for text alerts. The system takes into account how long it takes you to travel to your chosen clinic and once you are getting close to the front of the line, it will text you to let you know when you should depart for your clinic visit.

Once I arrived to the clinic I gave the receptionist my name to check-in and took a seat. Now here is the best part, the clinic had about 7 ppl already waiting in the waiting room but I was the first person called into the doctors office after I sat down! I only waited about 4 minutes before being called in and then I waited about another 5 minutes before the doctor came in to see me. Even though this service cost me money, I found the amount charged to be minimal and I was tickled pink by the lack of wait time inside of the walk-in clinic! I would definitely use this service again!

Stay healthy my friends!


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