Spring Thaw & Leaky Basements

This winter has brought record levels of snow Southern Ontario. There have already been periods of melting and then re-freezing and the spring promises to bring more cyclical weather with it. Not only does the changeable weather hamper your ability to get around safely, it can also have a real impact on your home.

Basement water leakage is always a threat in homes of any age. Possible causes for water to get into your basement can include faults in the walls or flooring of your basement; poor drainage on your property; eavestroughs that are clogged with debris; or a blocked drainage system. Water takes the path of least resistance and will always find a way to flow if steps proper steps aren’t taken to keep it out. During periods of extreme weather, or periods of daytime thawing and overnight freezing, the pressure against your foundation masonry can cause it to break.

Be proactive when it comes to keeping water out instead of reactive. Some things that every homeowner should be sure to check are:

  • Look for cracks or crumbling masonry on the floors and walls of the basement
  • Check windows and doors to ensure seals are in place
  • Make sure the eavestroughs have been cleared of leaves or other debris from the fall
  • Ensure the downspouts are not connected to the sewer system and drain properly away from the base of your foundation walls
  • Make sure the soil is graded away from the outside of your foundation walls

If you need any help this spring with basement waterproofing give the Property Matchmakers a shout, we know people that can help get you on track with your waterproofing needs!


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