Our Story

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Some Partnerships are Meant to Be

Melissa & Jenell have been friends since grade nine.  From the beginning, their friendship has been built on honesty, integrity and respect-three qualities that make them the perfect team! When they met Jenn, they instantly knew that her passion and positive spirit would help bring another dimension to this duo. This is how Property Matchmakers went from two to three.

They do not believe in a 'one size fits all' approach to real estate, but instead focus on the needs of their individual clients to help them make the choices that work best for them. No matter the size of the deal, they treat each client as if they were their only client.

Their goal is to build lasting relationships. In an industry where customer service is paramount, they are three full-time professional realtors who are committed to offering the highest level of customer service to all of their clients.

They want to be more than just a magnet you on your fridge!

Meet The Property Matchmakers



Jenell has been a resident of Durham Region since the age of 5.  After the birth of her second child she realized that life was too short to be spend three plus hours commuting to work each day.  She said good-bye to the corporate world and started down a path to pursue her dreams.  She is determined to make certain that her clients never feel pressured into doing something that they do not want to do.
She will present them with all the pros and cons of a particular sale and allow them to make their own informed decision(s).
Her clients’ best interests are her only interest!


With a mom and dad both in the real estate business, one might say that real estate runs in Melissa's veins.  Prior to real estate, Melissa was an elementary school teacher here in Durham Region whose plan was to trade in real estate during the summer months, however when she got her feet wet with her first sale let's say she was "sold".   With a keen understanding of what it means to work together for a common goal, coupled with an appreciation of education, Melissa is not your “typical” realtor.  Dependable, honest, and fun-loving, she'll make you feel like you’ve been lifelong friends.

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Jennifer is like an onion, she has many layers. Out of the three matchmakers she the one you'd most likely see riding her jeep through mud pits, cruising around town on a motorbike or flying a plane. Everything about her screams adventure and fun! Jenn's love for life and passion for real estate bring colour and flare to the team. The relationships she builds with her clients are far superior than the average agent. Loyalty, honesty and trust coupled with her ability to negotiate and collaborate with her peers is what leaves a lasting impression.